iQOO 7’s Dual Chip technology explained!

The upcoming iQOO 7 smartphone will sport the all new ‘Dual Chip Monster’ technology that will enhance the gaming experience and give more power in your hands

After creating waves in the smartphone market  with the iQOO 3 that was launched in February 2020, the sub brand of global smartphone maker, vivo is all set to launch its 2021 flagship smartphone, iQOO 7 in India this month, and this has got fans back home all excited. In the last one year, the brand has done extensive research basis customers’ feedback on the iQOO 3 to improvise on the already brilliant product.

Brand iQOO has yet again focused on the key pillars i.e. performance and immersive gaming experience, and the latest smartphone is sure to woo customers with its faster chipset. iQOO 7 comes with optimised hardware and software. With Dual Chip Monster technology at the core, the smartphone promises an upgraded performance package.

What is Dual Chip technology

iQOO 7 is equipped with 2 chipsets – SD870 and IRIS 5 Display Chip. The IRIS 5 Display Chip enables multiple display enhancement features such as real-time motion processing engine, which can up convert games rendered by the GPU at 30, 45, or 60 FPS to seem as if they’re rendering at 90-120 FPS. It is instrumental in increasing the frame rate per second and converts low quality images to HDR level quality images. The display chip works to boost the visual performance of many popular mobile games. Hence, the biggest benefit of this chip will be experienced by ardent gamers.

Get visually smoother gaming experience with iQOO 7’s Dual Chip Monster technology

iQOO 7 applies the motion estimation and motion compensation (MEMC) feature to the display chip, which functions to increase the frame rate. If you are wondering how the Game Frame Rate Interpolation (MEMC) works then here’s the answer!

Through intelligent algorithms, an intermediate frame is generated between the traditional two frames of images and interpolated into the two frames as a transition frame, thereby increasing the frame rate and bringing a visually smoother gaming experience. With this new technology, gamers will have the best of both worlds – high frame rate game play and good-looking graphics.

Thanks to the IRIS 5 Display Chip, iQOO7’s 120Hz Amoled Display is also utilised optimally. For those who feel all this can be achieved by a faster processor, in this case, the latest Snapdragon 870 5G, then  here is what experts have to say. When going for a software based implementation, the resources are over used which leads to greater battery consumption and even heating of the phone. Hence, iQOO 7’s hardware based implementation helps to reduce the load on the processor, keeps the battery consumption in check and eliminates the possibility of phone heating.  The combination of Dual Chip Monster technology and an 8-series processor will be great in creating an immersive gaming experience.

Redefining the price segment, the upcoming iQOO 7 will be the first smartphone to feature this technology.

Carrying on the legacy of extreme performance

Performance lies at the core of iQOO’s DNA and the brand has packed key specifications in its latest product to deliver optimum user experience. Owing to the smartphone’s Extended RAM technology, the performance of an 8GB RAM becomes equivalent to that of a 11GB RAM, and the performance of a 12GB RAM becomes equivalent to that of a 15GB RAM. The result is improved hot start rate of applications, reduced probability of processes being killed in the background due to insufficient memory, and a lower probability of apps getting stuck.

Packing 360-degree performance and optimised user experience, the iQOO 7 series is launching in India on April 26th, 2021 with 2 variants. The smartphone is powered by latest Snapdragon 870 5G which is a 7nm processor, and compared with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, the CPU and GPU performances in the successor have increased by 10 per cent. Providing more power in your hands, the 66W Flash Charge technology which combines with a massive 4400mAh battery ensures that the phone is fully charged in just 30 minutes. As per the iQOO lab test results, this is the best and the fastest in this segment.

Additionally, a 120Hz refresh rate lets you enjoy seamless and smooth screen experience in daily usage. The iQOO7’s 120Hz Amoled Display with 6000000:1 Contrast Ratio, 1300nits Peak Brightness, along with HDR 10+ Standard Certification, support HDR high dynamic range video content playback.

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