OnePlus 9 Pro brings Hasselblad’s high end photography technology to the fore. Here’s all you need to know

OnePlus’ latest launch, the OnePlus 9 Pro has adopted Hasselblad’s image processing software, and the results are undoubtedly amazing. Here’s a look at the camera capabilities of this premium smartphone

What happens when a premium smartphone manufacturer like OnePlus espouses a brand who’s camera expertise has been used by NASA to capture the images of man’s first step on moon? Well, the outcome is bound to be impressive. Today, we are going to talk about the latest smartphone from OnePlus that has collaborated with Hasselblad to take its camera technology to the next level.

The Swedish manufacturer of digital medium format cameras and lenses, Hasselblad is known for its high-end photography technology, and OnePlus 9 Pro is using its image processing software to achieve natural colour calibration that helps to produce accurate and incredible photographs. Offering a complete Hasselblad look and feel, OnePlus 9 Pro allows professional photographers to play with the ISO setting, focus, exposure, white balance and many other things.

The latest launch from OnePlus packs a rear quad camera setup that includes a primary 48MP Sony IMX789 sensor with 23mm aperture. This camera also gets a 7 element lens. Thanks to the 2×2 on-chip lens (OCL), 12-bit RAW, dual native ISO and DOL-HDR, the primary lens produces extraordinary images. The daytime and night shots are also more clean and natural with reduced blur.

(OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Sample)

The wide angle camera of OnePlus 9 Pro has been garnering a lot of interest and why not? The 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor has a 14mm lens. It is 3.2x larger than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which ensures enhanced image quality and lower noise. The pioneering Freeform lens uses a series of unique curves to correct the incoming light, and bring down distortion at the edges to about 1 per cent, compared to 10-20 per cent in most other smartphones with ultra-wide lens.   

(OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Sample showcasing wide angle lens capabilities)

The results of the 50MP wide lens are nothing less than extraordinary, especially while clicking landscapes. Users can capture the finest details of the scene with this lens. Also, the wide angle lens has one more speciality – its doubles up as a macro camera. So, if you are into close-up photography or enjoy shooting moving live organisms then this would be the perfect bet. The wide angle camera automatically shifts to macro mode when you move it towards the subject. Ensuring high quality macro photos, OnePlus 9 Pro allows you to focus from as close as 4 cm away from the subject.

(OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Sample showcasing macro lens capabilities)

Next up is the 8MP telephoto camera with 3.3x optical zoom, that allows for 30x digital zoom. The lens’ optical image stabilisation (OIS) helps to reduce blur when shooting with the telephoto camera, and the optical zoom ensures grain free images with high detailing.

Well, that’s not all! The smartphone comes packed with a 2MP mono camera which works to add detail and layering to black and white photographs. Unlike the OnePlus 8, the camera setup in OnePlus 9 Pro is on the top left of the back of the phone. The selfie camera of OnePlus 9 Pro is a 1MP Sony IMX471 sensor with F2.45 aperture.

Giving an edge to the users when it comes to videos, the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone allows shooting Hyper-realistic 8K videos at 30 FPS with both the lenses – normal and wide angle. With faster focus speed and 64x more colour information, the videos turn out pretty amazing and have reduced motion blur.

With the OnePlus 9 Pro, the brand has gone a step further in matching the white balance and colour temperature between the primary lens and wide angle lens. 

Talking about night photography, the OnePlus 9  Pro performs extremely well even in low light conditions. The main camera automatically switches to the nightscape mode in order to capture images that look brighter. Even the wide camera is able to capture fine details in low lighting. All you need to do is manually switch to the nightscape mode. 

(OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Sample showcasing nightscape mode)

(OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Sample 2 showcasing nightscape mode)

OnePlus 9 Pro packs complete hardware and software setup that is focused at providing a high-end photography experience. Backed by Hasselblad’s expertise, users will be able to enjoy immaculate photographs on a mobile phone that are quite close to those taken through a professional camera.

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